why should you consider a college tour?

Let dreams take flight

Fire Imagination, Fuel Ambition

Experience the transformative power of an in-person college visit, sparking child’s curiosity, whispering “what if”, and unlocking possibilities as they explore vibrant campuses and connect with inspiring communities. Empower your student to conquer college and beyond.

Experience the 'Fit'

Students do well in an environment where they feel safe, motivated, challenged, and nurtured. Each campus tells a unique story. Chat with current students, dissect dorm life, find the hidden academic haven. Let them not just choose a college but a community that feels like home.

Prepare for the Transition

The opportunity to experience first-hand allows students to gain a better understanding of what to expect and how to prepare for the transition. As a result, they arrive not just prepared, but empowered as they take the first step outside the nest.

what to explore during a collge visit?

Finding your 'fit'

Urban vs Suburban

Take a stroll around campus, take in the fresh air, and sense the energy. What kind of place makes your students feel most at ease - a quiet suburban haven or a busy urban center? Size is important as well; a smaller school feels more intimate, while a larger campus provides a diverse melting pot. Look for the place that just says, "home”.

Diaspora & Food options

Craving chai on a rainy day? Or maybe Tex-Mex under the Texas sun? Food is more than fuel – it's a cultural lifeline. Explore the local scene, from diverse dining halls to hidden gems serving up a taste of home. Can your student find their favorite dosa or discover a new culinary adventure? Remember, familiar flavors ease the transition, while new tastes broaden horizons. Don't forget the people – is there a thriving Indian diaspora or a community that feels like home? Food and faces, they weave the tapestry of belonging.

Academic Choices

Does your student yearn for a smorgasbord of academic options or a laser-focused program? Chat with current students – they'll spill the beans on professors, teaching styles, and the real deal about workload and opportunities. Don't forget to explore niche programs and hidden gems – who knows, your student might discover a passion they never knew existed!

Internship Opportunities

College isn't just about books, it's about launching dreams! Get to know the local job markets, internship opportunities, and career centers. Is your student a tech whiz or a Wall Street wolf? Knowing the landscape can help them build a roadmap to success. This ain't just campus life, it's a stepping stone to their future!

Sunshine or Snowglobe

Sunshine and beaches or cozy winter nights? Picture your student braving the blizzard or soaking up the sun – will they thrive or wither? This is about matching your student's soul to the ideal weather, not just geography!

Unveiling the Quirks

Every college has its hidden gems, such as the cutting-edge research facility, the secret study spot under the oak tree, the legendary late-night pizza joint. Ask students about their favorite campus traditions, off-the-beaten-path experiences, and anything else that makes their college special. This is a preview of your student's future paradise!